From Ashes to Action: How Canada’s Wildfires are Shaping Our Climate Efforts

The flames of wildfires don’t just consume our forests, they also ignite a surge in Canada’s carbon emissions. In fact, wildfires account for an astonishing 30% of our country’s total carbon emissions each year.

The heat of climate change is fanning these wildfires, making them spread more rapidly, particularly in our increasingly warm and dry landscapes. The impact is glaring and impossible to ignore.

Yet, this isn’t a signal for despair, but a rallying cry for action.

At Bayes Studio, we’re not just standing by. We’re engineering solutions for proactive wildlife monitoring and wildfire prevention. Because we believe that together, we can protect our environment, mitigate climate change, and safeguard our future.

Greenhouse Gas Emission from Canadian Wildfires from 2003 to 2022

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